June 23, 2017


Union Stewards are a key component to having a strong knowledgeable and informed membership.
We are committed to building a well informed, well trained, well supported network of Stewards. Our intention is to offer our Workplace Stewards opportunities for guidance and the most recent information related to workplace concerns.

Our Stewards are the first line of defence for local 527’s members. They protect workers rights by enforcing the terms of the Collective Agreement, which was signed in good faith by the Union and the Employer. By developing a greater understanding of the Employment Standards Act, Ontario Human Rights Act, Ontario Disabilities Act and The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms,Stewards are able to answer your questions and provide the members of Local 527 with professional and quality representation.

If you are not yet a Steward and may be considering becoming one, contact the office or a member on the executive. You can help make a difference by making the Union stronger. The strength of every Local Union is dependant upon the strength of it’s membership. Your participation makes us stronger.

The Steward Contact Information section in the Members Area provides each school with the Steward’s name, work location, work number and home number.

If your administrator requests a meeting for C.A.S.E. or C.A.S. as an example, or you are returning to work or require an accommodation contact the Union Office immediately. All other calls should be made to the Union Stewards first. This will help reduce the numbers of calls rec’d at the union office that are not emergencies.

Union Stewards are available to answer any questions concerning the collective agreement or the interpretation of the collective agreement. They are prepared to return your calls and answer questions or enquiry’s within 24 – 48 hours.

Under no circumstance will Stewards represent members at the Stewards assigned work location.

Remember all Union Stewards are working throughout the day. They may not be able to take your call at their work location, so please leave a message and be patient.

For Health and Safety questions or enquiry’s please contact the Health and Safety reps.